After all, it's the chasing after him I really love


Due to time constraints, in the beginning, this site opened with a temporary layout that, unfortunately, lasted for nine years?! ... Anyways.

As I was creating this layout, I considered renaming this site to Lotus, partly because it's a prominent image and symbol in Millennium Actress, and partly because of "Rotation (LOTUS-2)," a song from the movie's soundtrack that has gorgeous lyrics that I've always loved. (An English translation is available to read here.) It's also the song that was played at Satoshi Kon's funeral, which just makes it that much more powerful and moving.


In the end, however, I decided to keep the name that I opened the site with: Run. I love all of the songs from the movie's soundtrack, but "Run" is the one I return to the most. The scene it accompanies has always been the most vivid one for me in Millennium Actress. It's the scene I remembered the most when I watched the film for the first time—the vivid colors and seamless transitions, along with this song in the background?! It left such a huge impression on me as a child, and it's still the scene I think of first whenever my thoughts turn to this movie. To listen to the song, use the accompanying player on the left.

For this new look, I really wanted to portray the same vibrancy found in the film and the feeling of running, I suppose? I had something like a hazy summer days, running barefoot through dirt roads, all carefree kind of vibe going through my mind as I was creating the layout, haha. I was also really inspired by Susumu Hirasawa's live performance of "Rotation (LOTUS-2)", which I stumbled upon by chance. In a way, this performance inspired the site's entire revamp! In any case, I hope you can hear "Run" whenever you look at this layout, dear visitor.

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Many thanks to the kind soul who uploaded these image scans from various publications, which mention Satoshi Kon and Susumu Hirasawa's relationship. I really love the interview with Hirasawa, "Satoshi Kon, 'A Loving Unkindness'," so definitely give it a read; it's from Dream Fossil: The Complete Stories of Satoshi Kon. Seeing all those scans collected together in one place is what really inspired me to expand the information portion of the site a bit more, adding my own pictures as well as my favorite excerpts from various artbooks.

Some basic information was gleaned from the Wikipedia article on the film, and the Japanese titles of the songs on the film's soundtrack were sourced from Suruga-ya.

Images are from Minitokyo. Textures and resources used are by -redux, actofmadness, Design Cuts, Designs By Miss Mandee, Fauxism, masterjinn, Subtle Patterns, and Swimchick. Scripts used are by Ali Klein, fancyBox, and Manos Malihutsakis. Fonts used via Google Fonts include Arapey, Josefin Sans, Karla, Kristi, and Playfair Display. Others are Hanyi Senty Candy and Letter Gothic Std.

Someday I'd like to show you that starry, starry sky


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